Casa Donati
Fam Duchi e Donati
fr. Bono, n. 59
38070 Comano Terme
tel. e fax 0465 779146
cell. 338 9548926







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To familiar conduction CasaDonati is ideal in order to pass a vacation relaxant to tight contact with the nature and the life peasant, always present thanks to the immense orchards encircle that it and to the cultivated fields to ortaggi, with the comfort of the modern technology which photovoltaic system and access to Internet via wireless.
Ideal place also for excursions in mountain and calm walks all' opened air, on foot and in bicycle, dipped in the serenity that only the campaign knows to give.
Encircled from the majestic Dolomitiche mountains they offer a climate moderated perfect for the splendid warm summers, sunned but without sultriness and of the inverni with the snow that it covers l' entire landscape giving a show without par.








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CasaDonati, is situated to approximately 550 mt. s/m, in the fantastic village of Bono, to Comano Terme, raggiungibile from Trento with the SS45bis till the Sarche and the SS237 till Ponte Arche then the SP5 till destination Passing


from Riva del Garda instead enough to follow the SS421 till FiavŔ and then the SP5 till destination


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